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statistically improbable phrases

there were never any good old days, they are today, they are tomorrow

the lady of situations
a certain awe, akzidenz grotesk, albert camus, art, arthur conan doyle, axolotls, basking, beauty, being a man, being illustrated, bicycles, body modification, bulldozers and dirt, butterflies, ch-ch-ch-changes, champagne overdrafts, circles, colour, complex complex, cross-referencing, death from above 1979, dirty little secrets, down-home blues, dystopia, edgar allen poe, edward gorey, electronica, fetishes, filling the holes, film, folklore and myth, forever blowing bubbles, foxes, franklin gothic book, freaks, fuckable intellectuals, games in the rain, gene wilder, girls with big eyes, halloween, hamilton academical, his secret riots, hope, inferiority complex, invulnerable.co.uk, jews against zionism, kissing, kurt vonnegut jr., light, linguistics, literature, lokomotiv plovdiv, lots of things, mahler, maurice sendak, men with beards, men with hats, messiah complex, meteors, mixing memory and desire, monica bellucci appreciation, news from nowhere, nice cups of tea, nigella lawson, nina simone, obviously nick cave, pablo neruda, penes, penis envy, perversity, philosophy, photography, polaroids, promises promises, radiohead, reflected glory, reform judaism, ridiculously high heels, ripe ponderous balls, rude words in scrabble, simone de beauvoir, single entendres, stars, statistically improbable phrases, steel, steve mcqueen, still in love, superiority complex, synthetic music, tattoos, teratology, the elephant man, the magnetic fields, the orson welles diet, the preacher, the sky, the underground, thin men, through the looking-glass, tiny tasty chewy sweets, tom waits, touching, tree-hugging hippy crap, trio jazz, truth and beauty bombs, ugly love, undersized things, wearing too much make-up, will self, wittgenstein, wombling free